Fedy 4.0.1 Has Been Released (Specially For Fedora 22)

Fedy, previously named Fedora Utils, is an open-source post install tool that helps the users to enable support for multimedia codecs, install new fonts, install Adobe Flash Player, Oracle Java, Atom, Brackets, Oracle Java plugins, Android Studio and other important software which is not available via the default repos. Also, the tool provides the users a way to disable unnecessary services, add sudo permissions to some users or enable automatic login.

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The latest version available is Fedy 4.0.1, which has been specially released for Fedora 22. It brings a new GTK3 User Interface, an easier way to undo tasks, the tasks do not stop when the window is closed, provides an ability to search the plugins list, among other changes.

Unlike previous versions, the command-line interface version of the software has been dropped and tasks cannot be cancelled once started.

Fedy 4.0.1 Has Been Released (Specially For Fedora 22)

Installation instructions:

To install Fedy 4.0.1 on Fedora 22, do:

$ sudo dnf install curl
$ su -c "curl https://satya164.github.io/fedy/fedy-installer -o fedy-installer && chmod +x fedy-installer && ./fedy-installer"

After the software gets installed, it will automatically open, permitting the users to install software on their Fedora 22 system.

Third party plugins should be added in the ~/.local/share/fedy/plugins.

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