Firefox Still Does Not Run Properly Under Weston, Wayland’s Reference Compositor

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, the developers of Collabora have started porting Mozilla’s Firefox browser to GTK3 and working on the Wayland support, a while ago. For now, the Gecko layout engine which is Firefox based on, has been made to work with Weston, the Wayland official reference compositor, but the keyboard input has been broken and the decorations are not displayed well, but the process is in its early stages.

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Firefox Still Does Not Run Properly Under Weston, Wayland's Reference Compositor

Also, the Fedora developers have started to port Firefox on GTK3 to work under Wayland themselves, but since Fedora 21 will not be using Wayland as default afterall, GNOME 3.14 running over X.Org is compatible with the current Firefox versions, developed in GTK2.

Chrome, Chromium, the new versions of Opera and other internet browsers based on WebKit are already supported by Wayland, due to the good work done by Intel’s Open-Source Technology Center.

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