GalliumOS Is An Xubuntu-Based System Specially Created For Chromebooks

As you may know, Google has created the Chromebooks, their own cloud-based laptops, that use Chrome OS as default, which is a lightweight and fast Linux system.

Yet another interesting Linux system has been born, being specially created for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. It has been named GalliumOS, uses Xubuntu as code-base and includes some specially created tweaks and optimizations.

GalliumOS can be used in dual-boot with Chrome OS, comes with a bunch of workarounds for some Chromebook-issues and integrates the Chrome OS mouse driver, so that the users can benefit from the same touchpad experience as if they were using Chrome OS.

For now, GalliumOS is still a beta release, but if the developers keep up the good work, the project may be quite interesting.

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