Gnome 3.18 Will Include A News Reader App

GNOME 3.18 will be bringing a news reader application, called intuitively GNOME News. Written in Python and GTK+, it will be using the WebKitGtk+ WebKit engine port.

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Among others it will have an autodiscovery feature, support for searching for titles via the GNOME Shell, will have good integration with Feedly, Google Activities, Pocket and the News component of OwnCloud.

If you are using Fedora Rawhide, you can install and test it via GitHub:

$ git clone
$ sudo dnf install intltool autoconf-archive libappstream-glib-devel gobject-introspection-devel pygobject3 glib2-devel
$ cd gnome-news/
$ / && make

$ sudo ./gnome-news

For more information, what the below video:

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