Gnome OS (Fedora Based) Is Available For Testing

The GNOME team is working on a new project, Gnome OS, which is a Fedora based Linux distribution, with GNOME Shell as its default desktop environment.

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gnome os is available for testing on virtualbox and vmware

Gnome tries to create a modern and stable new operating system. They have also included a new Application Center, based on PackageKit.

For now, Gnome has released a daily build GNOME OS, ready for tests on Virtualbox or VMWare.

How to test GnomeOS On Virtualbox or VMWare:

To test the new GnomeOS, download the daily build from here, and convert the image to a Virtualbox machine, with qemu:

Install Qemu Tools on Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Debian:

$ sudo apt-get install qemu-utils

Install Qemu on Fedora:

$ sudo yum install qemu

Download Gnome OS Image:

$ wget -c

Convert Gnome OS image to an Virtualbox machine:

$ qemu-img gnome-ostree-x86_64-runtime.qcow2 -O vdi gnomeOSvbx.vdi

Now load your newly created gnomeOSvbx.vdi into VirtualBox and enjoy testing.

Alternatively, if you are a fan of VMWare Workstations, you can also convert the Gnome OS daily build qcow2 image to VMWare, with qemu:

$ qemu-img gnome-ostree-x86_64-runtime.qcow2 -O vmdk gnomeOSvmdk.vmdk

Now load your gnomeOSvmdk.vmdk into VMWare Workstations or VMWare Player and have fun.

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