Gnome Shell 3.10 Has Been Implemented On Fedora 20 Nightly Builds

As I have written a while ago, Fedora 20 will be the first Linux system to officially support Wayland.

Despite the fact that Fedora 20 Alpha did not come with Wayland, after the updates of Server, Intel DDX driver and Mutter-Wayland, Gnome Shell 3.10 can now run on Wayland with XWayland.

Because a Wayland session has not been added yet to the GDM log-in screen, in order to test Wayland on a nightly build of Fedora 20, open a terminal and do:

$ gnome-session --session gnome-wayland

For now, Wayland is very buggy on Fedora 20, it does not have support for the Intel graphics support, some keybindings don’t work as they should, the touchpad also has some issues, but it is good that it finally got implemented.

Since Fedora is a bleeding edge Linux distribution, it will come as default with Gnome 3.10, not Gnome 3.8, like Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander. For those who don’t know yet, Wayland is a new system display system, developed by both Intel and Red Hat, in order to provide a powerful replacement for the server.

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