Goodbye Pear OS!

Hello Linux Geeksters. David Tavares, the main developer of Pear OS and the creator of SyncDrive, has sold his Linux distribution and so, the download link of Pear OS 8 has been removed from the site.

Goodbye Pear OS!

The company that has bought Pear OS decided to remain anonymous for now. All we know is that they want to improve and develop the system for their own products.

If not now, in a few days for sure, Pear OS 8 will be removed from all its download mirrors.

For those who don’t know, Pear OS is an Ubuntu derivate that uses a customized Gnome Shell by default, having the look and feel of Mac OS X.

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2 comments on “Goodbye Pear OS!
  1. Jim Brown says:

    If I find and install a copy of Pear OS 8 to dual boot on my Widows 8.1 machine will I have support/updates etc… for it or would I be wasting my time?
    Kind Regards

    • Geekster says:

      Em. not really. It is not a big problem that Pear OS 8 has been dropped, because it uses the Ubuntu 13.04 repositories. UNFORTUNATELY, the problem is that Ubuntu 13.04 has reached end of life, and so it won’t get updates anymore.

      Yes, it would be a waste of time. If you want a Mac-inspired Linux, you could try Pear OS 7, which is based on Ubuntu 12.04 and still maintained.

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