Google Aims To Get Their Modular Phone Ready For Early 2015

Hello Linux Geeksters and Mobile Enthusiasts. As you may know, Google has recently sold Motorola to Lenovo, but they did not ditch the the modular phone Ara Project.

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Google intends to get a modular phone ready for just $50, in early 2015. The default phone will only have support for wifi and will be available in three sizes: small, medium and large. If you want to have the features of a normal phone, you will be needing to buy different modules for conectivity, camera, touchscreen and others. The modules will be attached via magnets, to be easy to replace modules, without having to restart the phone.

Google Aims To Get Their Modular Phone Ready For Early 2015

If everything goes according to Google’s plan, a prototype will be released in the following weeks.

Due to the fact that Google has a good reputation for creating awesome things (unlike Microsoft), this phone may have real success, because the users will be able to choose the exact specs of the phone.

The first conference of the Project Ara is scheduled for April 2014, where Google wants to present a developer kit for the phone and some camera, wireless, speaker modules, among others.


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