Google Owns 64% Of The Search Engine Market

As you may know, Google is the most popular search engine from the market, competing with Microsoft’s Bing.

According to a research performed by comScore, Google has 64% of the search engine market, compared to the 67.6%, the percentage it had in July 2015. Bing has 20.4% and Yahoo! Search 12.7%. But since Yahoo! Search is powered by Bing, basically, Microsoft’s Bing has 33.1%. The fourth and fifth places are occupied by with 1.7% and AOL with 1.2%.

Also worth mentioning, Bing will also become AOL’s default SE, but 1.2% is nothing, this cannot help Microsoft too much.

If you ask me, Google will lead the market many years from now, like they lead the mobile OS market.

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