GSP Navigation 0.23 For Ubuntu Touch Will Have Even More Features

As a reminder, Marcos Costales has worked at a GPS navigation application for Ubuntu Touch for a while now. The application, called intuitively GSP Navigation,  is freely available via the Ubuntu Store, for everybody that owns an Ubuntu Phone.

The application is based on OpenStreetMap and OSRM, which provide accurate and updated maps. It supports setting a destination, displays the arrival time, gives turn-by-turn indications, shows how many kilometers or miles are left until the destination is reached, has a speed indicator, can be used on both landscape and portrait views and permits the users to set a home place with a single tap on the map. The app is for driving only, so it cannot give you walking indications.

The developer has recently announced that the GPS Navigation app will receive new features soon, but for now its maker did not leak too much info, except the fact that version 0.23 will be ported to QML and MapBox.

For now, the new version is not available via the Ubuntu Touch App Store, but it will be added soon.

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