How to copy paste in the Gnome-Terminal

The Ctrl – C / Ctrl – V copy / paste classic commands do not work in the Gnome-Terminal.

In the Gnome-Terminal, Ctrl – C terminates the process, while Ctrl – V is interpreted different by the shell. I recommand you not to edit the Ctrl – C and Ctrl – V shortcuts, learn the new ones instead.

How to copy paste in and from the Gnome-Terminal:

1. Ctrl – Shift – C  and Ctrl – Shift – V :

Ctrl – Shift – C copies the selected text in the terminal.

Ctrl – Shift – V pastes the copied text in the terminal

There is also a pair of keyboard combinations that do copy paste:

2. Ctrl – Ins and Shift – Ins :

Ctrl – Ins copies the selected text in the terminal

Shift – Ins pastes the selected text in the terminal, even if you haven’t copied it.

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