How to Install and Use apt-fast For Faster Installations and Updates

From what I have noticed, apt-fast is much faster than the classical apt-get package manager for Debian based distros. The apt-fast tool is a wrapper that uses axel as the default download manager. apt-fast is good for low network connections, because axel is simultaneously downloading packages with multiple connections per package.

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So, in this article I will show you how to install apt-fast and how to replace apt-get with apt-fast.

Installing apt-fast:

To install apt-fast, follow these steps:

1. Add the apt-fast repo:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apt-fast/stable

2. Update the system:
$ sudo apt-get update

3. Install apt-fast and axel:
$ sudo apt-get install apt-fast axel

Replacing apt-get with apt-fast:

Next, I will show you how to replace apt-get with apt-fast. Actually, I will alias apt-get to apt-fast:

$ alias apt-get='apt-fast'

To make this replacement persistent, add the apt-get new alias to your ~/.bashrc:

$ echo "alias apt-get='apt-fast'" >> ~/.bashrc

Now, when you do this:

$ sudo apt-get install minesweeper

Your system will do this:

$ sudo apt-fast install minesweeper

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