How to Install And Use Franz (WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, Telegram client) on Ubuntu

As you may know, Franz is an open-source (starting with Franz 5) messaging app available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows system and it supports a lot of messaging services, including Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Discord and many others.

A full list of supported services can be found here.

The latest version available is Franz 5.0, which is currently a beta release.

I use the application everyday for WhatsApp and it runs quite well.

Installation instructions:

For Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish, Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver, Linux Mint 19.x, Linux Mint 18.x and other Ubuntu derivative systems, Franz is available as a deb package, so installing it should not cause too many programs. You need to download the deb package and install it via your default package manager. I prefer to use gdebi, as a good habit, because it also handles dependencies.

So this is what you need to do in order to install Franz on your 64 bit Ubuntu or derivative system:

$ sudo install gdebi
$ wget
$ sudo gdebi franz_5.0.0-beta.22_amd64.deb

Optional, to remove franz, do:

$ sudo apt remove franz

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