How To Install GNOME Multi Writer 3.15.2 On Fedora 21

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, MultiWriter is a new Gnome application that allows the users to write an ISO image to 20 USB drives, in the same time. The users need to insert the stick into the USB port, choose the ISO and press a single button to write the image to the USB drives.

The latest version available is GNOME MultiWriter 3.15.2, which has been released a while ago.

How To Install GNOME Multi Writer 3.15.2 On Fedora 21

In this article I will show you how to install GNOME MultiWriter 3.15.2 on Fedora 21 and derivative systems.

Because it is available via the default repositories, installing GNOME MUltiWriter on Fedora 21 is easy. Just update the repo index and install the gnome-multi-writer package:

$ sudo yum update
$ sudo yum install gnome-multi-writer

Optional, to remove gnome-multi-writer, do:

$ sudo yum remove gnome-multi-writer

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