How To Install gPodder On Jolla’s Sailfish OS

Hello Sailfish OS Enthusists. As you may know, gPodder is an app that manages the download of audio and video content, enabling the users to both listed and download podcasts, in the same time.

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gPodder has been recently ported to Jolla’s Sailfish OS, but it is still under development so a bunch of features are missing, while the installation can be done only via the terminal.

In this article I will show you how to install gPodder on your Jolla phone, running Sailfish OS.

Since it is built in Python, we have to install Python 3 first. Switch to developer mode and do the following:

$ ssu addrepo mer-python3
$ ssu updaterepos
$ pkcon refresh mer-python3
$ pkcon install python3-base

Now that the Python 3 has been successfully installed on your Jolla, let’s install gPodder:

$ ssu addrepo home_thp_gpodder
$ ssu updaterepos
$ pkcon refresh home_thp_gpodder
$ pkcon install harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish

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