How To Install mpv 0.9.1 On Arch Linux, Manjaro And Derivative Systems

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, mpv is an open-source, command-line, media player based on mplayer2. It does not have any interface at all, the video being opened in a simple, borderless windows.

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The latest version available is mpv 0.9.1, which has been released a while ago, coming with the below changes:


  • mpv’s IRC channel moved from #mpv-player to #mpv on
  • Documentation updates.
  • FFmpeg / Libav do not yet properly support DASH.
  • When seeking, the current timestamp will show the predicted seek timestamp instead, until the final timestamp is resolved. Improves UI responsiveness on slow streams and/or large seeks.


  • Corrected the release marker on DOCS/client-api-changes. The release manager forgot to fix it before release…
  • Fix `vo_vdpau` rendering garbage lines on H.264 video with non-mod16 size.
  • Fix a crash on exit if the “sub_reload” command had run successfully.
  • Fixed seeking with the mouse when `osc-seekbarstyle=bar` is set.
  • Fixed encoding of UTF-8 data in JSON.

In this article I will show you how to install mpv 0.9.1 on Arch Linux, Manjaro and derivative systems.

Because it is available via AUR, installing mpv 0.9.1 on Arch Linux and derivative systems is easy. All you have to do is install the yaourt package and install mpv with it. Like this:

$ sudo pacman -S yaourt
$ sudo yaourt mpv-git

Optional, to remove mpv, do:

$ sudo pacman -Rsn mpv-git

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