How to Install Nginx 1.2.7 HTTP Proxy Server

In this article I will show you how to install Nginx 1.2.7 HTTP Proxy Server . Nginx goes for engine x.

Nginx is an reverse HTTP proxy server and a mail proxy server. Some big sites were running (and may still be running) on Nginx, like, or Netflix.

Download the Nginx version you need.

Note: You should download Nginx 1.3.7 only for testing it, it is a development version, therefore it may crush.

Nginx 1.2.7 – stable version

$ wget

Nginx 1.3.7 development version

$ wget

Extract the tar.gz archive and cd to the directory:

$ $ tar -xzvf nginx*.tar.gz
$ cd nginx*

Create the makefile:

$ ./configure

Compile the sources:

$ make

Install nginx:

$ sudo make install

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