How To Install Popular Linux Stuff: sudo, bash, nmap, wget, mc On Jolla’s Sailfish OS

Hello Jolla Enthusiasts. In this article I will show you how to install a bunch of popular Linux tools, including: sudo, bash, nmap, ncat, nping, wget and mc on Jolla’s Sailfish OS system.

How To Install Popular Linux Stuff: sudo, bash, nmap, wget, mc On Jolla's Sailfish OS

Since it is SUSE based, we are able to install stuff via zypper. Because all the listed tools are available via the same repository, installing them is easy. All you have to do is switch to developer mode, install zypper, add the repository and key, update the system:

# pkcon install zypper
# zypper ar -f
# rpm --import
# zypper refresh

And install the listed tools. Install sudo:

# zypper install sudo

Install bash:

# zypper install bash

Install nmap, ncat, nping (+ libpcap, the required library):

# zypper install libpcap nmap ncat nping

Install wget:

# zypper install wget

Install MC:

# zypper install mc

For those who don’t know yet, Jolla is a project developed by former Nokia employees. The first Jolla smartphone is running on Sailfish OS, a modified Megoo Linux system, which is Android compatible, uses Wayland as the default display server , uses Nokia N9′s Maliit touchscreen keyboard and comes with interchangeable covers, allowing the users to easily switch them, in order to change the color/model of the phone and comes with impressive hardware specifications.

While apps with native Sailfish OS support can be installed via the Jolla Store and, Android apps can be installed via the same Jolla Store, or via F-Droid, Yandex Store, Amazon App Store, Aptoide and 1Mobile Android Market.

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3 comments on “How To Install Popular Linux Stuff: sudo, bash, nmap, wget, mc On Jolla’s Sailfish OS
  1. Raimo Koski says:

    The line:
    zypper ar -f
    should be:
    zypper ar -f

    sudo isn’t needed, use devel-su instead, bash was already installed, libpcap, nmap, ncat, nping, wget, and mc were not found.

  2. Helmut Weingart says:

    Excuse I did not read the comments. But I think if I use devel-su then I do not need any instruction of this page ???? Because nmap, nc … is not found !!!??? How can I install this packages on my jolla ?

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