How To Install The BubbleDelegate For Mitakuuluu On Jolla’s Sailfish OS

Hello Jolla Enthusiasts. As you may know, Mitakuuluu is a WhatsApp client, with native support for Jolla’s Sailfish OS. The latest version available is Mitakuuluu 0.1.22, which is available via

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How To Install The BubbleDelegate For Mitakuuluu On Jolla's Sailfish OS

To install Mitakuuluu 0.1.22 on Jolla’s Sailfish OS, you can either download the rpm package from here and install it via double-click, directly from the file manager or from the command line interface, by using the above commands:

# ssu addrepo coderus
# ssu updaterepos
# pkcon refresh
# pkcon install mitakuuluu

Also, if you don’t like the default Mitakuuluu theme, you can install the new BubbleDelegate theme, which provides a better readability for the messages.

Follow the above instructions, in order to successfully install the BubbleDelegate theme over Mitakuuluu:

Download BubbleDelegate from TMO

Switch to developer mode

Open a terminal and create the /home/nemo/.whatsapp/delegates directory:

# mkdir -p /home/nemo/.whatsapp/delegates

Go to the downloads directory:

# cd /home/nemo/Downloads

Extract the BubbleDelegate.qml.gz archive directly in the /home/nemo/.whatsapp/delegates:

# tar -xzvf BubbleDelegate.qml.gz -O /home/nemo/.whatsapp/delegates

Delete the archive, after its content has been moved to the needed place:

# rm BubbleDelegate.qml.gz

Restart the app and select the BubbleDelegate.qml theme, and you are done.

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