How to install wget on FreeBSD 9.0

To use the GNU Wget command on FreeBSD 9.0, you have to install it first. You can install it either from ports, or from the internet.

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Use only one of the two methods listed above. I recommend the pkg_add one because it’s much faster:

1. Installing Wget using pkg_add (as root)

# pkg_add -r wget
# rehash

2. Installing Wget from ports (as root):

First, you need to update the ports:
# portsnap fetch update

After the ports have been updated succesfully, you can start installing wget:
# which wget
# cd /usr/ports/ftp/wget
# make install clean
# rehash

And now, let’s verify if it has been installed succesfully (with pkg_info):
# pkg_info | grep wget
wget-1.13.4_1 Retrieve files from the Net via HTTP(S) and FTP

The pkg_info tool displays only the installed packages.

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