How to Play Tetris Directly From the Terminal, on Linux Systems

The Tetris clone for Linux is Yetris. It is a text user interface game, so it can be played from the terminal directly.

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How to install Yetris on Linux Operating Systems:

The libncurses5-dev library is need for installing yetris:

$ sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev

Next, download the yetris source:

$ wget -O yetris.tar.gz

Extract the archive and cd into it:

$ tar -xzvf yetris.tar.gz
$ cd alexdantas-yetris*

Compile and install yetris:

$ make
$ sudo make install

Yetris is a customizable Tetris(tm) clone for the console. It aims to follow modern implementations with lots of features and please both casual players and Tetris(tm) enthusiasts.

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