How to Properly Replace Pulseaudio with ALSA on Crunchbang Linux and Debian Squeeze

Hello Linux Geeksters.

In this article I will show you how to remove Pulseaudio and the related packages and install the Alsa Sound drivers on Debian Squeeze and Crunchbag Linux.Let’s start:

First, kill pulseaudio:

$ sudo killall pulseaudio

Remove all pulseaudio packages:

$ sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio pulseaudio-utils gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio libpulse-browse0 paman pavumeter pavucontrol

Get rid of the /etc/asound.conf file. I have renamed it, in case I want to install Pulseaudio once again and reuse it:

$ sudo mv /etc/asound.conf /etc/asound.conf.bak

Delete the pulseaudio directories from the user’s home:

$ rm ~/.pulse-cookie
$ rm -r ~/.pulse

Install ALSA:

$ sudo apt-get install alsa-base alsa-tools alsa-tools-gui alsa-utils alsa-oss alsamixergui libalsaplayer0

This is everything. Enjoy.

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10 comments on “How to Properly Replace Pulseaudio with ALSA on Crunchbang Linux and Debian Squeeze
  1. dw says:

    Works for debian wheezy just fine. Jeeeze Pulseaudio is a pain!

  2. robert armani says:

    It worked

  3. rickster says:

    Every time I checkin on Debian it still has this crappy, troublesome pulseaudio mess, and yet “everything” else is beautiful with Debian.
    (BTW, kWheezy1.2 is a really nice Debian distro)
    And everytime, I also see the same thankful instructions everywhere on howto “sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio…” ; reboot and OH LISTEN, my sound is back becuase ALSA JUST WORKS !
    Why is it that year in, and year out Debian Users keep putting themselves thru this torture.
    Is anyone even maintaining this pulseaudio mess … ? oh wait, yes, it’s the same dev who’s pushin’ “systemd” now, for Redhat.
    well ok, but how ’bout fixing pulseaudio up first, before running off to play with other new toys ?
    -ahh nevermind, Lol -here we go.

  4. Alisson says:

    Working fine with Crunchbang here, I won’t hear crackles anymore! 🙂

  5. Hugh says:

    I have fooled around with this and a dozen other bright ideas. Can only get audio out of L channel. I really like the idea of Linux, mint,Ubuntu etc,however it is all just such a pain to get anything done with anything. Spend all my time writing lines of command to get the simplest of tasks done, like downloading and installing a program Open Office for example. Getting my graphics card to work. Why can Linux not move into the era of self installing of software? Makes no sense to me. Have gone back to windows. Don’t have the time to fool around all day and night just to get a graphics card to work or my sound card. Far too many ‘help’ sites have incorrect, or incomplete instructions and I have ended up crashing my entire Ubuntu 14 and Linux mint 16-17 systems, and then have to reinstall. And then fight with it because it cannot figure out how or where to mount the system. Give directions, follow and then another error that it needs to be / and set for ext4. Do that then it gives a message advising that it needs to be /boot/Dev. Try that and it go back to / sxt4. I have given up in total frustration way worse than MS. Wanted to g3t away from MS because of their arrogance, however Linux is just too dodgy and no one really has good instructions that are correct. Sorry folks but until Linux gets ahold of the ball and fixes some of these issues I am going back to MS.

  6. janpenguin says:

    Thanks a lot.
    It works in Debian Wheezy (7.x) too!

  7. Chilla42o says:

    This solved sound my issues with some steam game in Debian 8. Thank you!

  8. chalee says:

    Pulseaudio is not bad and had become more stable the last 3 years!

    Pure ALSA-Systems without Pulseaudio are recommend for professional AV-Productions: Tango Studio, KXStudio, QStudio64 ( ),..

    Just Ubuntu Studio comes with Pulseaudio by default.

    Also a lot of users prefers only-ALSA for several reason (soundquality, less latency, more stability,..)

    There is a detailed manual of how to keep bluetooth working without PA and with ALSA on Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa, MATE, 64bit/ Ubuntu 14.04, MATE:

    Maybe it will helps somebody.

  9. Wander Silva says:

    Simply works and does it like a charm!
    Don’t know why they keep moving towards pulseaudio when alsa still does the job in a better way.

  10. ildgz says:

    Wow!!!, works on Debian 9 64-bit Gnome 3, I don’t will have to do sudo alsactl init every time I start session.

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