How to Use lm-sensors on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian

Hello Linux Enthusiasts.

lm-sensors is a nice tool for monitoring the CPU temperature.

To install lm-sensors, open a terminal and type:

$ sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

To use it, type in your terminal:

$ sudo sensors-detect

You will be asked if you want what it finds to be added to /etc/modules so that it will be loaded with the other kernel modules. Type yes for doing it.

Now, when typing sensors in the terminal, you will get the CPU temperature:

$ sensors

This is it. Enjoy.

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2 comments on “How to Use lm-sensors on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian
  1. Erik says:

    Thanks for the tip!

    How do I make those sensors appear in my gnome classic?

    At this point I have to type sensors in a terminal every time I want to know the temperatures. I’m not really going to have any control over the temperatures in this case, unless I run sensors on watch, but that seems a bit crude…

    Any ideas?

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