Install Calibre 2.82 (Open-Source E-book Management Software) on Linux

As you may already know, Calibre is an open-source book management software, with many interesting features including e-book conversion, e-book viewer, library to ebook reader synchronization and support for the most popular eBook formats, including: epub, cbz, mobi, fb2. Being multi-platform, the app works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

The latest version available is Calibre 2.82, which brings new features and bug-fixes.

New Features

  • Edit Book: Saved Searches: Add keyboard shortcut (Alt+Up/Down Arrow) to move selected searches

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix a typo in the previous release that caused dynamically updated metadata source plugins to stop working.
  • Catalog generation: Ignore tags with commas in them when generating genres
  • News download: Do not use Microsoft user agents as more and more websites are serving JPEG XR images to these browsers
  • Amazon metadata download: Fix spurious results when searching for books that are not present on amazon using a search engine.
  • Get Books: Fix free samples being detected as independent books when searching OPDS based stores such as Feedbooks.
  • Edit Book: Saved Searches: Preserve selection when using arrows to move multiple items
  • Fix template formatter functions not being reloaded after a check library operation
  • Fix an error during shutdown caused by some library closed plugins

New news sources:

  • The Morning Paper by Darko Miletic

Improved news sources:

  • The Economist
  • Telegraph UK

Installation instructions:

For Arch Linux, Manjaro, ArchBang, Antergos and other Arch Linux derivative systems, Calibre is available via AUR, so, in order to install it, do:

$ sudo pacman -Sy yaourt
$ sudo yaourt calibre

For other Linux systems, including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pinguy OS, Elementary OS, Deepin, Peppermint, LXLE, Linux Lite, Debian, Robolinux, SparkyLinux, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mageia or OpenMandriva (and others), the developers have created an installation script that can be triggered via the below oneliner:

$ sudo -v && wget --no-check-certificate -nv -O- | sudo python -c "import sys; main=lambda:sys.stderr.write('Download failed\n'); exec(; main()"

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2 comments on “Install Calibre 2.82 (Open-Source E-book Management Software) on Linux
  1. manuel says:

    Again, in case you want to know, for Arch Linux, Manjaro, ArchBang, Antergos and other Arch Linux derivative systems, Calibre is available via **official repos**:

    KaOS and Chakra have official packages too.

    Have a good day.

  2. Tayzonzz says:

    Just feed-backing, great. Thanks.

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