How To Install CDemu 3.0.1 On Ubuntu Systems

As you may know, CDemu is an open-source, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM emulator, used for emulating CDs and DVDs.

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The client can be controlled via either a textmode and a GTK client, it requires the libmirage library to interpret optical disc images and contains a kernel module for the virtuald drive controller.

The latest version available is CDemu 3.0.1, which has been released a while ago.

Installation instructions:

Up to date packages are available via some third party PPA, so installing the software on Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf, Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr, Linux Mint 17.x, Elementary OS 0.3 Freya and other Ubuntu derivative systems should not cause too many problems.

All you need to do is add the PPA to your system, update the local repository index and install the cdemu-client and gcdemu packages:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cdemu/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install gcdemu cdemu-client

Optional, to remove the software, do:

$ sudo apt-get install gcdemu cdemu-client

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