Install SeaMonkey 2.15.1/2.16 on your Linux Box

SeaMonkey is a web browser, IRC chat client and a HTML editing suite. Recently, two versions of SeaMonkey were launched.

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SeaMonkey 2.15.1 is a stable version and SeaMonkey 2.16 is unstable, just a beta version.

This is how to install SeaMonkey on your Linux and Unix box.

1. Download the source:

* the 2.15.1 stable version

$ wget

* the 2.16 testing version:


2. Extract the archive:
$ tar -xjvf seamonkey*.bz2

3. Create the makefile:
$ cd seamonkey*
$ ./configure

4. Compile the sources (as root):
# make

5. Install the application (as root):
# make install

6. Remove the generated, useless now, files:
# make clean

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