Interesting Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr Respins: Ubuntu Mini Remix 14.04 And Cubuntu 14.04

Hello Linux Geeksters. In this article I will present you two interesting Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr unofficial respins: Ubuntu Mini Remix 14.04 and Cubuntu 14.04.

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Ubuntu Mini Remix 14.04:

Ubuntu Mini Remix 14.04 is a system based on Ubuntu 14.04, providing the basic system only (kernel and the package manager) and allowing the users to choose the exact desktop environment, window manager, tools and applications they want.

After Ubuntu Mini Remix 14.04 has been installed, the users have to use the (command-line interface) terminal to install the desktop environment, tools and applications. Also, for customizing the OS, the official site recommends us the following tools: Ubuntu Customization Kit, Ubuntu Builder, Customizer

The official Ubuntu Mini Remix provides download links for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. Being about 200MB, the Ubuntu Mini Remix ISO can be easily installed from an USB Stick.

Cubuntu 14.04:

Cubuntu 14.04 is an unofficial Ubuntu 14.04 flavor, enabling the users to choose between Unity, Cinnamon, GNOME Classic, LXDE and OpenBox, which are installed by default.

While the original packages remained untouched, some other extra software like: Chrome, Geary, Skype, Filezilla, proprietary Nvidia and AMD drivers, and some codecs are available by default.

The latest version available is Cubuntu V168, which comes with Cinnamon installed as default.

Cubuntu 14-04-168e is available only for 64 bit systems and will boot in Cinnamon by default (and the default language is French, but it can be easily set to English), but the users can choose a different Desktop Environment from the LightDM Greeter.

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