Jolla Has Secured More Funding, Sailfish OS Still Under Development, For Now

As you may know, Jolla has been founded by a group of ex-Nokia employees that decided to continue developing Linux-based mobile operating systems when Nokia accepted to release only Windows phones. Sailfish OS, Jolla’s Linux mobile system is based on the good old MeeGo, but has ditched the deb packages for rpms, has Android compatibility and an unique user interface.

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About a month ago, Jolla has fired some of the employees because due to funding issues and their future was uncertain. Recently, they have announced that they have closed a Series C investment round, meaning that the company has money to survive for a while.

For now, Jolla has released only a high-price, medium-specification smartphone and has decided to focus more on the development of the operating system and neglect the hardware business, for now.

The Jolla community members are not happy because the Finnish company did not ship its crowdfunded tablet yet, the developers having to decide if they ever ship the product to the backers or cancel everything and refund the users.

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