Kwheezy 1.2 Has Been Released | How To Upgrade From Kwheezy 1.1 To Kwheezy 1.2 Via Terminal

Hello Linux Geeksters. Kwheezy is a Debian Wheezy derivates, optimized to use the KDE desktop environment. KWheezy 1.2 has been recently released.

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 how to update Kwheezy 1.1 to Kwheezy 1.2, via the apt package manager

Kwheezy 1.2 comes with the following changes, since the previous version:

  • Incorporates a couple of remaining installer bug fixes.
  • Kwheezy Profiler, a new GUI tool to backup and restore user profiles.
  • Rekonq browser updated to 2.3.2.
  • Steam client installed by default.
  • PlayOnLinux installed by default.
  • Some open source games (kdegames, dreamchess) included.
  • packages replaced by official Debian packages. The necessary codecs / decoders included from Kwheezy repo instead.
  • Some minor tweaking here and there.

In this article I will show you how to update Kwheezy 1.1 to Kwheezy 1.2, via the apt package manager. Follow this instructions exactly, in order to get a successful update.

Run the following command, with root privileges:

$ sudo replace-dmo-packages

Install the newly added packages:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install steam-debian playonlinux kdegames dreamchess basket tree libwine-cms libwine-gphoto2 libwine-ldap libwine-print libwine-sane libwine-alsa libwine-openal libwine-oss libwine-gl

For detailed information about the migration from Kwheezy 1.1 to Kwheezy 1.2, see the official wiki page.

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