Learn All The Basic Ubuntu Touch Tips And Tricks With The Ubuntu Help App

Hello Linux Geeksters. As part of the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps, the developers have created Ubuntu Help, which helps the users get a better Ubuntu phone experience by displaying tips and tricks and includes a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Learn All The Basic Ubuntu Touch Tips And Tricks With The Ubuntu Help App

Among others, it helps the users learn the basic tasks on their Ubuntu Phone, gives information about Scopes and Web Apps, provides info about the Ubuntu Store and Settings and shows the users other useful information.

The latest version available is Ubuntu Help 0.1, which can be easily installed via the Ubuntu Touch App Store.

Other apps ported for Ubuntu Touch, available via the Ubuntu App Store:

Recently, other interesting apps have been ported to run on Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch. Among the most interesting are Tox, an encrypted, instant messaging client, Cute the Rope, which is a popular game on other mobile platforms and GCompris, which provides a big collection of applications for children.

For now, WhatsApp and Viber are still not available on Ubuntu Touch, the only popular instant messaging client available being Telegram.

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