Linux Kernel 3.10 RC 4 Has Been Released + Download Link

After the previous rc of Kernel 3.10, Linus Torvalds was very upset because its big size.

The developers took attitude and cleaned up the unnecesarry code, so Linux Kernel 3.10 release candidate 4 is smaller.
“Another week, another -rc. But this time (at least for now) only as a git tree – for people actually using the tar-balls and patches, I apologize, but I’m a complete moron, and didn’t install kup, its perl dependencies, and my kup release scripts on the pixel before the trip.”

“And while I can read and write email, and git is fine with just a few (flaky) kB/s internet throughput I have access to right now, installing the perl packages etc seems to be a pipe dream,” Linus Torvalds said in the official release announcement.

Kernel 3.10 RC 4 brings bugfixes across the drivers and architecture subsystems.

Download Kernel 3.10 RC 4 from here.


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