Linux Mint 15 RC1 Has Been Released

As you may have heard, Linux Mint 15, Olivia, RC (release candidate) 1 has been released.

Linux Mint 15 Olivia comes with kernel 3.8.x, which includes some improvements since the previous version, such as UEFI secure bot support.

To my mind, Linux Mint won popularity from Ubuntu, the Ubuntu folks that did not like the new Gnome 3, have easily migrated to Linux Mint. Linux Mint is also highly compatible with Ubuntu.

And it is also available for download, with Cinnamon and Mate.


  • Linux Mint 15 Olivia Cinnamon-dvd-32bit-rc.iso
  • Linux Mint 15 Olivia Cinnamon-dvd-64bit-rc.iso
  • Linux Mint 15 Olivia Mate-dvd-32bit-rc.iso
  • Linux Mint 15 Olivia Mate-dvd-64bit-rc.iso



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