Linux News: Fedora 20 Alpha Has Been Officially Released For Testing

Hello Linux Geeksters. As schenduled, Fedora 20 Alpha has been released yesterday. The first Alpha version of Fedora 20 comes with both Gnome 3.10 RC and KDE 4.11.1, many enhancements for the ARM architecture, cloud and virtualization improvements,  and many others. If you want to toy around with other flavours of Fedora, use one of the nightly build images.

Fedora 20 Alpha has been released yesterday

They work hard at improving Fedora for the ARM architecture, in order to port it on the Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10 tablets.

As you may know, Gnome 3.10 comes some new applications like GNOME Music or GNOME Maps, and improved support for Wayland, and so, Fedora 20 will be the first Linux system that will use Wayland instead of the good old Server.

If you are a KDE enthusiast, Fedora 20 running with KDE 4.11 comes with improved versions of Kontact, KScreen, Kwin, and many others.

For more information, see the official release announcement. Download links can be found on this page.

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