Linux News: Fedora 20 Will Be Named Heisenbug

Hello Linux Geeksters. The official codename for Fedora 20 has been decided. It looks like Fedora 20 will be named Heisenbug.

The voting period was between August 16 and August 30 and an official name has been assigned to Fedora 20, a few hours ago. The most voted name was Heisenbug, which of course, won. (from the mailing list announcement)

Linux News: Fedora 20 Will Be Named Heisenbug

Heisenbug is a computer bug that alters his behavior when someone attempts to study it.

Also, the release date has been annouced. Fedora 20 will be released on the 26th of November, 2013. The first alpha release is scheduled for September 17.

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