Linux News: Gnome Logs 3.11.1 Has Been Released, Bringing Some New Features

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, the GNOME developers have started work for a new app, called GNOME Logs, which will be a centralized log viewer for systemd. The new GNOME app enables the users to filter the detailed system event information and to search through it, in order to investigate the system problems.

The latest version available is GNOME Logs 3.11.1, which got support for case-insensitive search, displays timestamps agains the messages in the event view, got the .desktop file fixed, the default category was renamed to “important” and translations in the following languages: Spanish, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovenian, Czech, Polish, and Serbian.

If the development goes well, it will be added to the default apps of the GNOME 3.12 desktop environment.

For those who don’t know, systemd is a system and service manager, enabling the users to manage services, daemons, scheduled scripts and many others. It is used as the default event manager on many popular Linux systems, like Fedora and Arch Linux. Also, the Debian developers consider systemd a good replacement for their good old sysVinit.

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