Linux News: Gnome Shell 3.10 Gets More Wayland Improvements

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you know, the Gnome developers are working hard in order to make the Gnome 3.10 Desktop Environment work over Wayland.Linux News: Gnome Shell 3.10 Gets More Wayland ImprovementsThe Gnome Shell is being build in two separate binaries, one for X11 (libgnome-shell) and one for Wayland (libgnome-shell-wayland). Mutter, the default window manager of Gnome Shell will also use libmutter for X11 and libmutter-wayland.

Since Ubuntu 13.10 will be released with Mir and Lubuntu will use Wayland as theĀ  default system compositor, the Gnome developers have to make their DE work on both display servers, in order to enable the user to install the Gnome Desktop Environment on his Ubuntu flavour.

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