Linux News: illume OS 2.1 Has Been Released

illume OS 2.1 “Aarhus” has been released. As you may know, illume OS is a Debian based Linux system, with a Windows like graphical interface. It uses Debian Squeeze as base, because of its stability. illume OS is a single-user operating system, targeting both personal computers and laptops.

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Linux News: illume OS 2.1 Has Been Released

Because it needs only 512 MB or RAM, in works well with old and new hardware, but it does not have support for ATI graphic cards, for now. It has a simple and intuitive desktop environment, being much less CPU-hungry than other Linux systems.

By default, it comes with Chromium preinstalled, but other web browsers can be easily installed from the repositories. The mailing client that comes with illume OS is Sylpheed, because it is lightweight.

For multimedia tasks, illume OS uses Exaile, an interesting audio player, that comes with plugins, in order to increase its default usefulness.

Acording to the official blog, this are the improvements (focused on security) brought by illume 2.1:

  • PortSentry, prevents portscanning
  • Fail2Ban, blocks ‘foreign’ IPs if malicious activity is detected
  • More ClamAV components added
  • GNOME Nettool
  • Additional artwork

If you want to download illume OS 2.1, go to this link.

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