Linux News: KDE 4.11 Will Be The Last Major KDE 4 Release

As you may have heard, KDE 4.11 will be the last major release from the KDE 4 series. The upcoming version will be kept for two years.

For KDE 11, the KDE team will just fix some bugs and they will concentrate of launching KDE 5, Qt 5 and KDE Plasma Workspaces 2.

This is what Aaron Seigo (KDE developer) said on his blog:

  1. It will be the last feature release in the 4.x series of Plasma Workspaces. Feature development will switch fully to the Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5 based Plasma Workspaces 2.
  2. We will be providing stabilization releases (bug fixes, translation improvements, etc.) for two years for the 4.11 release of KDE Plasma Workspaces.
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