Linux News | Kernel 3.10 RC1 Available for Download

Yesterday, the first release candidate of the Linux 3.10 Kernel has been announced that it is available for testing by Linus Torwalds, the Linux Godfather.

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It is said that Linux Kernel 3.10 will bring huge changes, improvements and bugfixes, like: VFS updates, Ceph changes, ARM SoC platform updates, XFS and BTRFS filesystems updates, also PowerPC and x64 architectures updates.

A few other updated / improvements announced:

  • PCI updates
  • nfsd fixes
  • networking updates
  • sparc updates
  • m68k update
  • kvm updates
  • x86 cleanups
  • x86 cpuid changes
  • x86 debug update
  • perparatory x86 kasrl changes
  • security subsystem update
  • Xen updates
  • Xen bug-fixes
  • slave-dmaengine updates

“So this is the biggest -rc1 in the last several years (perhaps ever) at least as far as counting commits go, even if not necessarily in actual lines (I didn’t check the statistics on that). Which was unexpected, because while linux-next was fairly big, it wasn’t exceptionally so.”

“I’m sure Stephen Rothwell will talk about the statistics of commits that weren’t in -next, we’ll see if that was the reason.. Anyway, despite the large number of commits, hopefully it’s all boringly straigthforward. Sure.” Linus Torvalds said in the official release announcement, where you can also find the detailed changelog.

Click here to download Linux Kernel 3.10 RC1.

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