Linux News: Kernel 3.10 RC6 Has Been Released By Linus Torvalds

Linux Kernel 3.10 RC6 has been released yesterday afternoon.

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Kernel 3.10 RC6 Has Been Released Yesterday

Linux Kernel 3.10 RC 6 is smaller than Kernel 3.10 RC5 and Linus Torvalds is a little happier that he was last week. This is what he said in the announcement:

“…is not to say that rc6 couldn’t have been smaller, and I’ll probably be even more upset next week if you try to push stuff that really shouldn’t go in by now, but things are better than in rc5.”

Some things for x86, powerpc, mips, arm, s390 have been improved or fixed.

If you want to download the new kernel and compile it yourself, here you can find it.

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