Linux News: Mageia 4 Alpha 2 Has Been Released

The Mageia developers have released Mageia 4 Alpha 2, on the 6th of September.

Among others, the second alpha release of Mageia 4 will come with improved RAID management during installation, Kernel 3.10.10, systemd and perl 5.18.0. It still uses the good old GRUB, but also GRUB2 is available.

Linux News: Mageia 4 Alpha 2 Has Been Released

Mageia 4 Alpha 2 is availabie with the most popular desktop environment, including Gnome 3.9.11 (Gnome 3.10 Beta 2), LXDE, Razor-Qt, KDE 4.11, Mate and Cinnamon.

The developers have also updated the existing LibreOffice version to LibreOffice 4.1.1.

If everything works well, Mageia 4 will be released in February 2014.

To download Mageia 4 Alpha 2, see this link.

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