Linux News: Sabayon 13.10 Steambox Edition Has Been Released

After the immediate announcement of SteamOS, Valve’s new Linux gaming system, Fabio Erculiani, has released Sabayon 13.10 Steambox Edition.

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Sabayon 13.10 Steambox Edition has been released

Sabayon 13.10 Steambox Edition comes with Gnome Shell, audio and video codecs already installed, up to date Nvidia proprietary drivers and Steam already pre-installed, enabling the users to log directly to Valve’s Big Picture. This
does not start all the system’s services and so, it provides a better gaming experience.

To exit Steam, logout through an app running in the background called “Steam Manager” and log in back to GNOME, in order to us the normal Sabayon distro.

Connected to a TV, the PC acts like a gaming console. Also, the XBMC Media Center can be installed, in order to provide a full multimedia system.

To transform a normal Sabayon OS to Sabayon Steambox Edition, just open a terminal and do:

$ equo install sabayon-steambox
$ systemctl enable steambox

Next, append “steambox” to the kernel command line and reboot.

Sabayon Steambox Edition is available only for 64 bit processors and can be downloaded from here.

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