Linux News: VIA DRM Driver Has Been Proposed For Mainline Linux

The Linux 3.11 Kernel is compatible with the graphics driver VIA DRM that has entered in the mainline kernel tree.

James Simmons, an independent developer of the VIA DRM driver has announced:

“Here is the first run at inspection of the VIA openchrome dri driver. Now that the Xorg driver has been out over a year with KMS support most people should be able to use this feature. The driver is totally complete but we wanted to merge it so people with newer hardware that has HDMI/DVI-D support can be able to run X windows. Your xorg driver does not implement HDMI/DVI in UMS mode and we don’t have the resources to do this work. Basic TTM/GEM is supported but currently you can’t run any acceleration with the command queue. Over the next 6 months this should be implemented.

The VIA DRM driver is formed by 21 patches. It depends if an VIA Gallium3D will be released, but as I know, the geek that has created Fedora 19 for Nexus did such a driver.

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