MagPi Issue 20 Is Now Available For Free Download

Hello Linux Geeksters and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. The December’s edition of the MagPi, MagPi Issue 20 is now available for download.

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MagPi Issue 20 Is Now Available For Free Download

Among others, MagPi Issue 20 comes with instructions on how to create a bootable Linux SD card, more information about the Project Curacao, reviewing the installation of camera and shutter mount, in order to create timed photos, information about the Pi-Pan arm that moves the Pi Camera and more information about the Quadcopter.

For more information, download the MagPi Issue 20 PDF.

For those who don’t know, MagPi is a monthly Raspberry Pi magazine, written by Pi users for the Pi users. The first MagPi issue was done in May, 2012 and ever since then, MagPi gets released once a month, every month.

If you have missed one of the MagPi Issues, don’t worry, it is still available on the official MagPi site. To support the magazine, order the printed magazine.

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