Manjaro Linux Deepin 15.12 Has Been Released

As you may know, Deepin Linux is a free and open-source Debian-derivative (former Ubuntu-derivative) system that uses a beautiful desktop environment called Deepin.

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Yesterday, Bernhard Landauer, Manjaro’s main developer, has announced that Manjaro 15.12 Capella has received a new flavor, that uses the Deepin UI. Manjaro Linux Deepin 15.12 is a community project that uses Linux kernel 4.1 LTS by default and uses the Manjaro-specific software Manjaro-Welcome, Manjaro-Settings-Manager, Manjaro-Printer and the Calamares.

Also, the operating system comes with Chromium, Evolution, LibreOffice, Nautilus, GIMP, Gthumb, XSane, Yaourt, Galculator, IsoUSB as default and uses either Gala, Metacity or Mutter as default window manager. But some Deepin software has been also implemented, including Deepin-Terminal, Deepin-Screenshot, Deepin-Movie, Deepin-Music and Deepin-Game.

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