Mate 1.8 Will Be Added To The Default Repositories Of Fedora 20 Soon

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Mate is a Gnome 2 fork, created by the Arch Linux developers as a an alternative to Gnome Classic (Gnome 2), when the Gnome developers decided to create Gnome 3. Mate became very popular in a short time and now is used on many Linux systems. The latest version available is Mate 1.8, which has been recently released.

Mate 1.8 Will Be Added To The Default Repositories Of Fedora 20 Soon

Among others, MATE 1.8 comes with support for window snapping/side-by-side tiling to the window manager, support for both Metacity and Marco windows managers, IEC units support for Caja, and a lot of bug fixes.

For now, Mate 1.8 did not get support for systemd and Wayland, which will most likely be scheduled for the next version of Mate, Mate 1.10.

Due to the fact that Fedora 20 Mate Spin with Compiz will be released with Mate 1.6, the developers will add Mate 1.8 in the default repos of Fedora 20, in order to enable the users to easily install it.

So when it will be ready, the users will only have to update the local repository index and install the needed packages:

$ sudo yum update
$ sudo yum install @MATE

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