Meet Google Coder – A Web Development Environment For Raspberry Pi

Google has created the Coder project, for developing Raspberry pi web applications.

As you may know, Raspberry PI is an ARM computer, having the size of a credit card. It uses a special Linux distribution, optimized for the ARM architecture. Because of its low resource consuption, it is ideal for hosting small web services.

The Google Coder project is a development environment for geeks, helping to do web developing. It has support for the most important web languages CSS/HTML/JavaScript, and enables the users to easily test the code on web server. More information can be found on the official page.

Meet Google Coder - A Web Development Environment For Raspberry Pi

To install Google Coder, just download the Coder app from here and put in on the SD stick. After you have successfully installed Coder, go to http://coder.local, from the Chrome web browser, in order to access the web server.

The aim of this application is to provide an interesting learning environment to both technology geeks and students, in order to help them learn web developing basics.

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