Mir Will Be Used As Default On Ubuntu Touch Very Soon

As a reminder, both Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander and Touch OS will be released on the 17th of October. While Mir will not be used as default on Ubuntu desktop, it will debut on Canonical’s mobile version of Ubuntu, replacing Android’s SurfaceFlinger.

Recently, Canonical has updated both Mir and Unity 8 and converted some apps from .deb to .click. Also, the latest image of Ubuntu Touch got the Click framework added to the Ubuntu 13.10 SDK.


Now, it is imminent for the Ubuntu developers to fix the ubuntu-keyboard issue, that occured after the input issue has been fixed. This is what Loïc Minier, an Ubuntu Touch developer announcted in the mailing lists:

“On the Mir front, progress was good over Monday and the input issue has a candidate fix, but it seems to affect ubuntu-keyboard. Once this is understood, this should go in and help address the input related issues we were facing so far. The upstart memory leak with device specific events is also making good progress. The runway is clear for Mir to land along unity-mir and upstart-app-launch updates to get us the final app management experience!”

So it won’t be long until unity-mir and upstart-app-launch will be added, and so Ubuntu Touch will be ready for release.

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