Most Likely, Ubuntu 14.10 Will Get Nautilus Replaced With A New File Manager, Developed By Canonical

Hello Linux Geeksters. Despite the fact that Ubuntu uses many Gnome applications, Canonical is thinking of creating a file manager of their own to replace Nautilus, due to the fact that they are not happy with Nautilus’ features.

Most Likely, Ubuntu 14.10 Will Get Nautilus Replaced With A New File Manager, Developed By Canonical

Also worth mentioning, Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome uses Nautilus 3.10.1 (Nautilus 3.10.1-0ubuntu2) as default, which has been specially optimized by the Ubuntu developers, getting the old search replaced by a recursive search function.

According to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu will reach the full desktop-mobile convergence somewhere between the releases of Ubuntu 14.10 (scheduled for October 2014) and Ubuntu 15.04 (scheduled for April 2015).

While it is already planned to integrate Unity 8 and Mir as default in Ubuntu 14.10, most likely the system will adopt the QML apps and be released with a file manager developed entirely by Canonical, since they will be using it on both Ubuntu desktop and Ubuntu for phones.


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3 comments on “Most Likely, Ubuntu 14.10 Will Get Nautilus Replaced With A New File Manager, Developed By Canonical
  1. Tony says:

    Has anyone ever looked to see if these alterations introduce spyware for Ubuntu? Putting a backend door and a spyware system in the file manager would be a great way to swe everything on your computer.
    Also Ubuntu is obviously trying to rewrite Linux to make it their own so they can bully everyone else with legal claims and lawsuits to stifle the competition. That is a tactic Microsoft has used a lot and Ubuntu has openly hired executives from Microsoft to help them as they create their all-in-one operating system which closely parallels Microsofts OS.

    • Geekster says:

      this sounds like the theory of conspiracy to me. yes, it is plausible, but i don’t see any reason why canonical would try to spy on their users. 🙂

      yes, mark shuttleworth desperately wants to conquer all the OS markets. and yes, ubuntu is getting more and more commercial lately, similar to Micro$oft’s windows, but still…

      ok, Canonical wants to have the control on everything, by creating replacements for the non-canonical apps, but they have this right. And unless they become NSA-friendly, like google’s Android, i don’t see a problem in their practices, for now, at least:).

  2. Toni says:

    I welcome they will drop Nautilus. I have been using Ubuntu since 9.04. Nautilus has added some features but also dropped a number of features and leave a reduced user experience and productivity. In Ubuntu 13.10 in list view, Nautilus insists four characters for name file shall be sufficient. It refuses to ‘shift’ like in Ubuntu 13.04, refuses to resize the column width for name, rendering we can not recognize the name file. Then Nautilus insists on funny menu system, totally inconsistent with menu arrangement of other applications.

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