Mozilla Firefox 23 Has Been Released With A Brand New Logo

Hello Linux Geeksters. After Firefox 22 Stable’s release, the Mozilla team has created the first Beta version of Mozilla Firefox 23 and redesinged their fox logo. Firefox 23 Beta comes with new features and bugfixes, they have optimized better the Social API and added support for CliqZ, Mixi, MSN, and have improved the security, in order to avoid man-in-the-middle attakcs. Mozilla is working hard at the Social API, because they want to develop their Talkilla Project as fast as they can.

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The Mozilla developers are improving the graphical interface of Firefox, in order to integrate it better with Windows 8, Unity and Gnome Shell and, as a consequence, they have also adjusted the logo, in the new image, the fox is not so disheveled, as it used to be.

The stable version of Firefox 23 will be released on the 23rd of August. To test Firefox 23 beta, download it from this link.

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